Note that groups are currently suspended due to Covid-19 guidance.

Christian Meditation Group

A space for silence in a busy world, the Christian Meditation Group meets each Friday at 1:30 – 2:00 pm in the Study Centre.

Everyone is welcome. The Group is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators.

Contact the churchwardens, if you are interested, or just come along. To find out more about Christian Meditation, we recommend the World Community for Christian Meditation website


Home Group at St James

Enjoy company and fun?  When did you last study scripture? Want to learn from the different perspectives of others?

This is a friendly group that meets regularly with coffee and a chat, followed by a study of scripture and finishing with praying for the concerns of those attending St James’ and our community.

In autumn 2017 the home group will meet fortnightly from Tuesday 10th October. Please check the weekly sheet (available from the archive here) in case there has been a change.

All are welcome.  If you are likely to be unable to always attend or can commit initially to once a month then that is fine too.

We at St James’ aim to create a safe environment as we explore our faith in which different views are valued and respected.

Contact Bill Broadhurst, if you’d like to know more, after the 10.00am service or phone 572449.


St James’ Church Pastoral Visiting Group

This group was set up in 2010 to support the pastoral ministry of the church. We do this by:

  • making regular visits to those who cannot easily come to church services because of age or ill-health, and who value support and friendly company;
  •  visiting those in hospital and the bereaved when appropriate;
  •  providing lifts to church when requested;
  •  regularly visiting the two Care Homes in the parish, taking hymn services monthly at Hinton Grange C.H, and at festival times at Cherry Hinton C.H. In addition, Rosemary Monk visits Cherry Hinton Care Home fortnightly to see residents.

The group is led by Rosemary Monk and Mary Calladine, who trained in 2012-3 as authorised lay ministers (ALMs) with Ely Diocese to be pastoral assistants. Since then, Rosemary has been taking Home Communions to those requesting this service.

We have recently organised some successful community lunches and tea-parties and intend to increase this outreach to the wider community.


St James’ Prayer Support Group

The Prayer Support Group is available to all in the Parish who wish to ask for prayers and a box is available in the church entrance hall for anyone to put in requests. These requests are prayed for by people of St James who have offered help in this way, who may not be able to be active in the parish but still want to do something to support the church.

We are always looking for people who would like to act as prayer “bearers” at home and forms to volunteer for this are available in the entrance hall of the church. If you can help, just place the form in the Prayer Request box with your contact details and we will get in touch.