Christian Stewardship
All is a gift from God … let us joyfully respond
Giving to support the work of St James’ Church
  • Among the many things we have done in the past year at St James’, we have:
    • Begun a new youth group, meeting monthly
    • Continued to host lunches and tea parties for local people
    • Started a new mission-related project to help us engage with the local community
    • Re-launched Focus@StJames which offers thoughtful learning opportunities, based on arts, scripture and prayer.
  • We have plenty of plans for new initiatives in the coming year too. But to keep St James’ Church open and running in 2018, including funding some much-needed repairs and renewals as well as our normal ongoing ministry costs, regular utility costs and running the church office, our budget shows we need to find £2,000 a week of income.
  • About £300 a week comes from room hire but in order to be attractive for users we must keep the building warm and well maintained – as well as for our congregation!
  • We depend on your generosity to pay these bills. Our budget for 2018 shows that we expect to have a deficit of nearly £13,000 due to the extra building costs.
  • In order to generate funds that would enable us to develop and expand our outreach to the wider community, we will need to grow our financial resources, via an increase in our regular giving.

How much should I give?

  • The Church of England urges each of us to give 5% of our income for the work of the Church, based on the tradition of the tithe. Please consider how much you can give to St James’ Church as part of your charitable giving.
  • Making a regular donation helps us to budget for our costs and make plans for the future.
  • Please be as generous as you can and, if you are not already doing so, start a regular pledge, or consider whether you can increase your current giving.
  • If you are a taxpayer please Gift Aid your donation (at no extra cost to you). St James’ Church receives 25p extra for each £1 you give under Gift Aid.

How can I give?

  • The simplest way is to have a regular Standing Order from your bank or to give via the weekly Envelope Giving Scheme.
  • Any giving by cheque or cash is, of course, also welcome.
  • All information about giving is confidential.
  • Legacies have made an important contribution to St James’ Church and enabled us to fund improvements and the care of the building.  Please consider including a legacy to St James’ Church in your will, helping to secure the long-term future for our church.
  • A one-off donation to help support the work of St James’, in addition to any regular commitment, would be very welcome as part of our stewardship campaign.

Please download a form and, once completed, please return it via the ‘Stewardship Forms’ pigeon hole in the corridor by the side entrance or the Church Office. All information about giving is confidential.

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